Admission to PS 178 Multimedia Arts & Design

Applying to PS 178X

Students in 3 or 4 yr Pre-K and Kindergarten may fill out an application according to the NYC DOE instructions. If you have any questions, please come visit us in-person or send us an email at

For students in grades 1 through 5, not zoned for our school, parents or guardians should fill out the Magnet School Application and MUST rank the Bronx D8/11 Magnet Elementary School choices as 1, 2, or  3 - choosing PS 178 as your first choice. Then please bring the application confirmation email, along with the child's birth certificate and a utility bill as proof of address as non-zoned for our school. For students within our school zone, parents or guardians must bring in the child's birth certificate and utility bill for proof of address. The child then comes in with the parent or guardian to apply.